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A lightweight, quick clean-up appliance hidden in handy cabinets or under counters ‒ and there’s a standalone version which doesn’t even require a central vacuum.

Forget the broom ‒ Vroom is always convenient and turns on automatically when needed. It has a reach of 24ft to tackle almost any daily mess on floors and worktops, and the awkward corners and surfaces of household appliances. It packs much more power than a handheld vacuum and is easily installed in new or existing homes.

Kitchen and bathroom

With its concise features Vroom fits with no hassle inside standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or anywhere else you need it like under counters or workbenches. It also connects easily into existing central vacuum systems.


Installed overhead on brackets provides easy cleaning access to cars, motorcycles, floors, workbenches and all those dusty garage corners.

Standalone unit

You don‘t need to have a central vacuum system already installed for a Vroom Solo. It has its own power unit and installation couldn’t be quicker – it fits most kitchen and bathroom cabinets and plugs straight into your power supply.