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Ditch the dustpan, kick the wallplate, and watch amazed as the dirt disappears down Vacpan’s hatch.

It’s equally adaptable for quick domestic sweep-ups, like in the kitchen, and in the workplace such as hairdressers, beauty salons, stores and restaurants where frequent sweeping and cleaning is essential to keep customers and employees healthy.

No bending over, no transporting dirt to a separate rubbish bin, and you can be sure that no particles remain on the floor ‒ Vacpan is a brilliant time-saver.

Discreetly fitted flush against the wall or the kickboard of your cabinets or units, the kickplate automatically activates Vacpan’s powerful action. Just sweep the dirt towards the inlet and see your floor instantly clean as the mess is magically whisked out of sight. When the sweeping is done just push the on/off switch with your foot.

Vacpan is constructed in tough resin and comes in a range of colours to suit any decor, domestic or commercial and is also available in solid brushed stainless steel.