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The handy hose that’s always stored where you need it.

Retraflex takes the concept of cleaning with just a lightweight hose a step further – this retractable system stores the hose in a wall or cabinet, always at hand for instant use to make cleaning even more convenient.

Hidden inside the wall cavity is up to 50ft of hose - when your vacuuming mission begins, just pull out the amount of hose you need, attach your cleaning wand and off you go.

When you’ve finished one area, the hose reels effortlessly back into the wall carried by the suction of your central unit and out of sight. Then you simply carry your cleaning wand to the next inlet and repeat the process.

One 50ft retractable hose can cover between 1,800-2,200sq ft depending on floor layout. The length can be customised and the hose can be concealed in other spaces, too, such as underfloor, or in the attic.
Installation is not confined to wall cavities – a standalone mounting kit is available which means that a Hide-A-Hose inlet can be hidden away inside cupboards and kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Standalone kit

It can also be mounted on an external wall making it ideal for commercial application and tough domestic environments such as garages, gardens and driveways.