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Some people are drawn to central vacuums in their efforts to reduce the physical burden of cleaning their homes, others to provide a cleaner dust-free environment and reduce the severity of asthmatic flare-ups caused by airborne allergens.

Others already know there’s no easier way of cleaning and want to make the lifestyle switch.

As price differences between traditional and central vacuums have narrowed, a built-in system is now within reach of any budget, from bungalows to businesses.

Coupled with Vacpoint’s competitive prices and no-fuss installation, you can no longer afford to ignore the difference.

10 great reasons to switch cleaners

  • Deeper cleaning: Up to five times more power because out-of-the-way units allow for stronger motors
  • Less effort: No more hauling your upright cleaner up and down, no power cables to tangle with.
  • Better air quality: Central vacuum systems don’t recirculate dirty air, stir up dust, emit hot exhaust odours, and have science-backed health benefits
  • So quiet: Notice the dramatic noise reduction
  • Compare the weight: A traditional vacuum weighs up to 30lbs, a plug-in hose about 5lbs
  • Reach anywhere: One inlet lets you clean three or four rooms without pause
  • Car, garage, workshop, garden: All within easy hose and ducting range
  • Fixed power unit: It’s virtually impossible to damage furniture, woodwork, door frames and cupboards
  • Decades of use: No extra power costs and virtually no maintenance during the average 25- to 30-year lifespan
  • Easy to install: Less than a day in most homes