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Installation: new-build homes

With their fast-growing popularity, central vacuums are a key feature to consider for new homes and renovations where they can be easily installed during construction. Their contemporary appeal, combined with advances in vacuum research and technology, make them an attractive plus for potential buyers and many developers in the UK now include them as a standard option in new housing schemes.

Hard floors in utilitarian areas like kitchens and living rooms are virtually an automatic feature of new-build homes, and the supreme ease of CVS at coping with wooden and laminate surfaces (and no wheel clatter) make them an additional reason to include them in a list of essential features.

Ducting can be installed at first-fix stage as the building shell takes shape and the system is completed with power unit, vacpoints and all other accessories at the second-fix phase.
If you’re moving into a new home, we can arrange for a CVS to be included at the planning and building stage and at a very economical cost. We are happy to liaise with project managers, site supervisors and architects to ensure a hassle-free installation.

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Built-in vacuums are set to be a standard feature of UK homes in the future — consider one now before you build.