Installation / Existing Homes

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Installing a central vacuum in existing homes

Considering a lifestyle update? Put a built-in vacuum on the list along with changing the bathroom or kitchen – it’s much cheaper than either and pound-for-pound better value.

Not only will it revolutionise your approach to cleaning, it will add value to your home with a contemporary appliance which is also a solid investment.

Fitted in one day

Worried whether your home is suitable or the upheaval? Well, a Vacpoint installation is usually a straightforward matter that takes less than a day in most homes. Retro-fitting follows exactly the same principles as new-build properties – in fact, older properties often provide more opportunities and space for planning the best layout. And because we treat your property as carefully as you do, you can be reassured we’ll respect your decor with usually little or no disturbance to walls or floors, depending on a site survey.

Do the string test

You can test how far a Vacpoint hose could reach in your home with a simple piece of string or cord –our standard lengths are 7.5 and 9.5 metres. There’s even an accessory that will reach 15m from its Vacpoint. As for ducting, most standard power units are suitable for runs of up to 40 metres.

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