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  • Commercial Cleaning

‘Greener’ cleaning for business

Vacpoint’s installation team is fully trained in all types of installation in the commercial sector, where a central vacuum system can be a cost-effective and time-saving investment.

The comfort and health of customers and staff is also paramount for employers and central vacuums have great ‘green’ credentials, both removing all dust to improve air quality and having superior durability.

Cleaning is quicker, quieter, more flexible, and less obtrusive for customers – in hair salons, for instance, where frequent, quick clean-ups are required with minimal disturbance. Dust disposal is more efficient and healthier with the central receptacle isolating dust and irritants and needing to be emptied less frequently.
Our commercial power units all allow for multi-point cleaning and simultaneous use. Large commercial applications may require up to 30 vacpoints but a smaller business or shop may only require 1-2 wall inlets, the same as a standard home installation.

Vacpoint has solutions for many commercial applications:

  • shops
  • offices
  • renovations
  • hotels
  • catering establishments
  • nursing homes
  • hospitals
  • industrial and warehouse units

Professional and trade customers, including resellers, can further benefit from our competitive pricing structure and high-volume offers. Contact us or call 01704 337010.