Our most frequently asked questions

How does a central vacuum system work?

The concept is as simple as it is to use. Power is provided by a central unit located out of earshot away from the living/work area such as garage or utility room. This is connected via concealed ducting to conveniently sited vacpoints. Once you plug in your lightweight hose the system will start at the flick of the switch on the handset. As we said, it couldn’t be easier.

How come I haven’t heard of them before?

Central vacuums have long been standard in the USA and are now also commonplace throughout Europe. They are fast growing in popularity in Britain as more and more people discover their genuine benefits – and realise that in a worldwide marketplace, prices are no longer so prohibitive.

Can a central vacuum system be fitted into my existing house?

Yes, in most cases we can install a system with no disturbance to fixtures or decoration. While it is obviously easier to plan a system into a new house or commercial unit before it’s built, existing properties often offer more spaces to conceal ducting and hose, such as under suspended floors, in attics, built-in cupboards etc.

How long does it take to install?

A standard system typically takes less than a day in most three- and four-bedroom homes depending on the type of property. Contact us for a free, no-obligation survey or further advice.

I bet it’s still not cheap, though, is it?

It’s a misconception that central vacuums are still a luxury item. A standard Vacpoint system fitted in a three- or four-bedroom property is around £1100 +VAT. And don’t forget it will last much longer – up to 30 years with proper use – with little maintenance, fewer parts and replacements to budget for. And you’re adding value to your home.

Do I need an inlet in every room?

No, usually one point on the landing and one point in the hallway are sufficient.

Three- or four-bedroomed properties (or small shops) average around two sockets for standard requirements. But you can have more if you want. We supply a range of well-designed, unobtrusive wall sockets.
A bungalow or small apartment may only need one hose and large commercial premises often have around 30 inlets.

What if the system gets blocked?

We install your system in such a way that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee against blockages. Blockages are very rare but if they do occur it is likely to be through misuse of the system; nevertheless they are usually easily cleared.

How far will a single hose reach?

Our standard hoses are 7.5metres and 9.5m in length although of course we can tailor them to a size required. A 7.5-metre (26ft) hose can cover more than 56 square metres (603 sq ft), a 10m (33ft) hose up to 76 sq m (818sq ft), and a retractable Hide-A-Hose reaches more than 15m (50ft) and covers up to 214 sq m (2,300 sq ft)

Is the suction power the same throughout the house?

With a motor up to five times more powerful than an upright vacuum cleaner, suction is maintained at 100% over even the largest property.

Do I really need this system if my floors are going to be wooden / tiled?

Central vacuums are obviously highly effective at tackling dust-hugging surfaces like carpets and curtains. But hard floors also collect dirt which often lies highly visible or in awkward corners – so a central vacuum is equally adept at clearing this without raising dust into the room.

How often do you need to empty the bin?

The power unit has a large, 30-litre receptacle, so you’ll only need to empty it two or three times a year on average.

How long will it last?

With proper use a central vacuum system will give many years of trouble-free service with no performance drop-off, during which time you may well have had to purchase several traditional cleaners, pay for repairs, or replace many parts.

Will it need much maintenance?

The dust filter on the central unit will need to be changed occasionally. The electric motor is virtually maintenance-free.

Is everything guaranteed?

Most power units are guaranteed for 5-10 years. All our systems carry a lifetime guarantee against blockages.

Do I have to have a whole system or can I install it gradually?

We’d recommend that you have a main system installed in one go. Once it’s in there are accessories you can purchase later if you wish. There are even standalone accessories that don’t require a pre-installed system.

How come it’s healthier than other vacuums?

Central vacuum systems have a greater suction-to-power ratio than traditional vacuum cleaners… They reach deeper into carpets, don’t stir up dust from hard floors as you sweep, and don’t blast dust or allergens back into the room. Result: your home is much cleaner and so is the air in it.

Is there anywhere you CAN’T install a central vacuum?

Virtually any property can have a central vacuum installed without difficulty. Or put it this way, we’ve yet to discover anywhere that we can’t!